Triple Glazing 

Glazing technology has come along way since the introduction of double glazing, and the new innovation of triple glazing is becoming more popular than it’s traditional counterpart thanks to the improvements in thermal performance and sound reduction.

The value rating of windows in the UK currently sits at 1.6, the lower the value the better the thermal performance. Our standard iGlaze A rated window is a U value of 1.3 but our new triple glazed windows sit at an incredible 0.7, making them twice as energy efficient as standard double glazed windows.

You may often find with your current windows that cold pockets of air surround your windows, as the higher insulation of the rest of the house, means your windows are susceptible to drafts.

Over the winter months this can be quite uncomfortable and cause heating bills to rise as it escapes out your windows, but triple glazing cures this common issue single handedly.

The aesthetics of the window are exactly the same, so you won’t lose any style with your new windows. Instead we simply install a smaller glazing bead that holds the glass in place.

As well as helping you to cut down on any costly bills with it’s energy efficient thermal performance, triple glazing reduces noise pollution dramatically to give you a much more comfortable living environment. A benefit for many who live on busy roads.

With many us becoming more conscious about making our homes eco-friendly, triple glazing can be a step in right direction and a worthwhile investment if you ever look to sell your property.