removing a window for sofa in Bedfordshire

Window removal/install for sofa entry

Sofa through window?

It’s an awkward situation to be in. The neighbours are staring, you wish the ground would swallow you up but that sofa just won’t fit in through your door! It can be because you bought a lovely new home and you want to get your old furniture into it or because you made the unfortunate mistake of not measuring the door before buying that stunning new sofa.

Quick removal

Either way, we are a here to help!  We offer lots of additional services at iGlaze and one of them is  a window removal and refitting service just for this problem. This means you can get that difficult furniture into place in no time and take all the stress out of the situation.

Our team can come and remove the glass or entire window quickly and easily so you can gain enough room for the sofa or other furniture to pass through the space. We will then re-install the window, clear up any mess and leave your home looking as good as new, with the furniture safely inside.

Sit tight

So, panic over. Just give us a call and we can come out and make sure that the window removal is possible and give you a straight forward quote to get started. We will have your new furniture in its rightful position in no time and stop those nosy neighbours. Then all you’ve got to is sit back and enjoy your comfy new sofa and the view out of your lovely refitted window.

If you are facing this problem then give us a call today.