Window Shutters

Custom made window shutters supplied and fitted in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas

Interior window shutters offer a stylish and practical alternative to blinds

Create a continental feel with café-style kitchen shutters or a sleek modern look with full height shutters. Whatever your style, our custom-made shutters are so versatile they will transform your home inside and out.

What are window shutters?

Sometimes known as plantation shutters (a throwback to their use on plantation farms), shutters are panels that sit within a frame fixed to your window recess. The panels are joined by hinges that open like a door or concertina.

We proudly supply and fit S:Craft shutters. A premium range of made to measure window shutters that come in a wide range of styles and materials to suit your home and budget.

The benefits of window shutters

Shutters are a luxurious alternative to blinds due to their higher cost. However, the added benefits they provide make them well worth the investment.

Light control

Adjustable louvres allow you to control light levels. Keep them open for a bright, sunny room. Tilt them individually to stop glare. Or close them all for a peaceful night (or days!) sleep.

Privacy where you need it

Independently operated louvres provide the flexibility to keep prying eyes out where you need privacy and let in light where you don’t.

Temperature control

Shutters create shade in summer to keep your home cool and insulate in winter to keep you warm. Helping you save money on your heating bills too.

Noise control

The thick material of shutters helps them reflect and absorb noise, significantly reducing the sounds you hear from outside. A perfect solution if you live near a busy road.

Virtually maintenance-free

There’s no sanding, painting or staining required with these shutters. A routine wipe clean is all they need to keep them looking like new.

Choice of styles

Choose from full height, tier-on-tier or café style shutters, plus shutters for French doors or bay windows. And our Fiji, Java and Samoa ranges can be crafted into any curved or angled shape. No window or door is out of bounds.

Built to last

The premium materials of S:Craft shutters won’t warp, bow or fade – even with extreme changes in temperature. These timeless shutters will last decades, looking beautiful in your home, even if you change the décor.

Quality guaranteed

S:Craft shutters are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against structural and hardware defects and fading.

Explore the range

Our range of S:Craft shutters differ by the materials they are made of. From entry-level MDF to waterproof ABS and luxury hardwoods, every shutter is finished to the highest standard.

All of our ranges can be made into any size, with any configuration of louvre openings and depths. And if you have unusual shapes, we have ranges to cover that too. So, whatever look you’re going for, there’s a choice to suit your taste and budget.


High quality MDF

Antigua is a stylish, yet affordable entry-level shutter made from MDF covered in a patented polymer coating that gives it it’s smooth and hard-wearing finish. Available in 24 painted colours.


MDF frames with ABS louvres

Our Bermuda range has been designed to closely resemble the finish of a painted hardwood shutter. It’s made of robust MDF frames covered in a patented polymer coating, with ABS (the same material as Lego) louvres. Available in 24 painted colours.


Cuba is our entry-level range of hardwood shutters. It’s a mix of robust MDF frames and lightweight real hardwood panels and louvres. Available in 24 painted colours.


100% waterproof ABS

The Java range is perfect for wet and steamy rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Made from durable ABS plastic (the same material as Lego©), it won’t soak up any moisture. It can be crafted into any curved or angled shape and is available in 24 painted colours.


Premium hardwood

Made from premium hardwood, our Fiji range is ideal if you love natural textures. Its light weight makes it perfect for covering large window expanses and glass ceilings. It can be crafted into any curved or angled shape and is available in 24 painted colours or 27 wood stains.


Finest quality hardwood

The distinctive Samoa range is made from fine quality hardwood and features a robust frame that can accommodate an optional hidden hinge. It can be crafted into any curved or angled shape and is available in 24 painted colours or 27 wood stains.

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