Window Shutters

Plantation Window Shutters

Internal window shutters are a practical and luxurious alternative to traditional blinds

Otherwise known as plantation shutters (a throwback to their use on plantation farms),they are affixed internally over windows to the frame.

Window shutters are beautifully timeless. In period properties, they complement traditional detailing and features, and in modern properties, they add much-needed character and create a sense of spaciousness, with the ability to direct ambient light perfectly.

Our Shutters

In partnership with S:CRAFT, we have an outstanding range of window shutters to choose from. Our industry-leading shutters include both louvered and solid shutter types, and we have a wide range of designs to enhance the aesthetic of your property.
Our window shutters are split into six ranges, which include:

  • Antigua
  • Bermuda
  • Java
  • Cuba
  • FijI
  • Sumatra

Our window shutter range caters for all budgets and aesthetic requirements.

Shutter Types

When purchasing window shutters, the most important thing to keep in mind is that there are two main types: Louvered (slatted) shutters, and solid (hinged) shutters.
Slatted shutters have louvres which can be opened and closed to manage light-flow. Solid shutters, on the other hand, have no louvres and make do with a hinged frame which allows them to be opened and closed to either let light into the property or block it out completely.

It’s important to note that louvered and solid shutters can be installed side-by-side. Partial window shutter coverings are also possible, to add style to a property.

Shutter Practical Benefits

Internal window shutters are regarded as a luxury alternative to blinds, since they come at a premium. However, their range of practical benefits makes them a worthy investment.
When closed, window shutters act as an additional layer of insulation from the outside and they provide complete privacy. When open, window shutters convey a sense of spaciousness and in the case of louvered shutters, they allow you to control the amount of light that enters your property. Because they are affixed to the frame of a window, shutters also improve security, since they would have to be smashed through to gain access.