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Bay and bow windows are a wonderful way to improve the appearance of your home, adding an interesting architectural feature and letting in plenty of light.

You don’t have to compromise on energy efficiency for style though, thanks to our range of high quality, energy efficient windows that come in bay, bow bay and square bay options.

Our windows combine the best new glazing technologies with excellent design and style. The result is a range of industry leading products that offer an attractive energy efficient solution for your home. The windows’ unique liniar profile system, with its distinctive fully sculptured profile and internal beading, works in conjunction with A rated glass to increase your home’s thermal efficiency, enhance its appearance and improve its security.


There are different types of bay window available these days and it is a good idea for you to understand exactly what kind of work will go into replacing the type of bay window you have:

Bay Windows

  • These windows have bay poles on a curved or part bay. The poles connect the sections together, making the angle of the bay and supporting the weight from above.

Square Bay

  • Square bays have a post on each corner which shape the bay into its distinctive “box” or “square” shape. These corner posts also work to support the weight above the window.

Bow Bay Windows

Bow bay windows are one of the most common and often evolve from normal flat windows. To turn a normal flat window into a curved bay window, the old window and internal window board are removed then replaced with a new white dura-board window board. This new board is cut to the shape and size of the new window.
The new window is then installed and it makes the curved shape of the bay. Finally, a GRP fibreglass canopy is installed to complete the roof before lead is installed and chased into the wall. This lead keeps the window watertight and prevents water ingress.

So if you are looking to install a new bow or bay window or if you are looking to replace an old one with a more energy efficient alternative, iGlaze can help. Our professional service, broad expertise and impressive range of exceptionally high quality products are at your disposal, please feel free to browse through our website
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