Conservatory Roof  Replacement

A conservatory is an investment in your home, however if you’re finding that it feels a little outdated or in need of repair, our conservatory roof replacement service can offer this much loved a space a little enhancement that can make it feel brand new once again.

With the recent advances in the glazing industry, we’re proud to offer the Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning glass.

The unique dual action glass uses the elements of nature to give you cleaner, clearer looking glass that can instantly make your conservatory feel lighter and brighter.

As the conservatory should be a room that is used all year round, the innovation of Activ Self Cleaning, rejects the intense heat in the summer months, yet traps it in during the long winter months, so that no matter the season you can sit and enjoy your conservatory no matter the weather. Plus with it’s unique formulation it reduces the noise pollution, making rain drops silent.

Alternatively for if you have a slightly smaller budget, Polycarbonate roofs have similar features  that offer 35mm sheets that come in stylish tints including bronze, opal and high performance reflective inserts in gold and silver. As we use the heat guard range, this enables you to lock out the excessive heat in the summer, and ensure your warmth is trapped in the winter.

If you’re looking for a re-style of your existing conservatory, a new option that enables your space to look even more like a room, is the LEKA roof that looks similar to the conventional roof of your home. This is becoming increasingly popular for those who want their conservatory to feel more like an extra room, without the regular cleaning and maintenance of a glass roof.

As we are proud fitters of the Liniar range, if you’re looking for a complete conservatory makeover, the style will not only be seamless, but with the patented glazing retainer, the glass is fitted level and will not slip or move over time, ensuring that traditional leaks of an aged conservatory are a thing of the past.