Fly Screens

We all love to enjoy our homes on a warm summer’s day without being invaded by insects. Because sometimes no matter the gadgets or gizmos you buy they still seem to find their way in.

Fly screens can offer you a solution that is proven to work.
The most cost effective and simple way for enjoying fresh air in your own home without the worry of escaping pets or unwanted insects. Keeping out flies, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and midges, the screens are ideal for keeping those unwanted visitors out of the house.
Installed into existing or newly installed windows, the fine mesh is available in a variety of specifications that provides ventilation for your room no matter the need.
Used by major food manufacturers, our screens comply with food safety regulations, meaning there’s no room for error or flies.

Although often over protective of our pets, they sometimes need to stay indoors for medical reasons, and keeping the fresh air flowing whilst doing so is essential for a harmonious household.
Durable against scratching and clawing, the pet mesh is ideal if you’re wanting to keep your furry friends safely indoors. Choose from kits that you can assemble yourself on windows and doors, or let us do all the hardwork for you.

If you’re prone to suffering from hayfever or other types of pollen related allergies that make you dread summer and all the sniffles that come with it, the pollen screens are an ideal solution that can help ease your pain.
Filtering ambrosia, birch, grass and stinging nettles, as well as the fly free environment, a pollen screen can offer you a fever free zone at last.

Controlling room temperature in hot climates can be a difficult task, but rather than leave the room or suffer the heat, a solar screen can provide fresh air and heat absorption.
Our mesh screens block out between 80% and 90% of the sun’s heat rays before they enter your window.
Placing these screens on your windows or doors, can keep out the heat and the bugs.

For all mesh screens we offer a bespoke fitting and installation service that can help you finally feel comfortable in your own home.