5 Ways to Use a Conservatory

Whether you currently have a conservatory that needs a little TLC, or whether you’re looking to add some extra space with this traditional extension, we’ve built and adapted our fair share of conservatories during our time in the glazing industry, and seen just how adaptable this room can be to a modern home.

The weather may certainly not be on our side any longer but that doesn’t mean this space should become neglected.

Admittedly when the sun isn’t shining and the guests are no longer arriving for the weekend of BBQ’s it can all of a sudden seem quite a lonely space, and it can be difficult to know what to do with it next. But depending on your needs and wants, you can recreate this room to embody your requirements come rain or shine.

Now that we’re stuck between seasons take some inspiration from our guide on how to transform your conservatory when you’ve fallen out of love with it.


Dining Room

A space for the family to gather for the sunday roast, or a perfect location for an evening of entertaining dinner guests, transforming the conservatory into a dining room can add space to the one activity that should be shared and enjoyed.

As many people often opt for neutrals in a conservatory space, break away from this during the autumn/winter months as it can make the room feel cold and stark. Instead add vibrant bold accessories and a flamboyant centre piece to add some colour and make the room feel warm and inviting.


Living Room

Conservatories are designed to be bathed in natural light so they make for a very comfortable space to enjoy a good book, or simply relaxing after a long day at work.

Rather than invest in traditional wicker furniture, purchase some snug armchairs that you can sink into and really get cosy when the rain is pattering against the windows.

If you have guests for dinner, retiring to this room with a large glass of red or an after dinner coffee, will help the conversations continue somewhere far more comfortable.  



Building a conservatory to add space to your kitchen can help dramatically improve the heart of the home. Not only will you enjoy spending time in there, but your family and friends will also find it more welcoming.

Including a breakfast bar can help those early morning risers feel a little less aggravated, as the natural light coming in from the conservatory will lift their moods.

Of course if your conservatory is not currently located near your kitchen it may be worthwhile to consider re-development of your home. As the kitchen is such a pivotal part of the family home, a conservatory will enhance this space and enable you to join in the conversations whilst still cooking.


Play Room

Children come along with an awful lot of stuff, and before you know it, it’s dominating half of the house.

If your conservatory has been retired from any glamorous gatherings due to the demand of mess makers, then make this space into a temporary play room for all of their toys and activities.

Having a central place for them to play can help you to incorporate more messy fun into the home such as painting and sand play, without feeling as though the aftermath is going to ruin the rest of the house.

Plus when they have their little friends over to play, they won’t be running wild around the house because they’ll have their very own room. Less sticky fingers everywhere will mean less mess!

Don’t forget to ensure that the flooring in the conservatory is spillage friendly, so opt for a vinyl floor that is easy to clean.


Home Office

This idea is certainly not the most conventional for a conservatory, but if you work from home then it could help you to become more productive and feel as though you have a separate space from the rest of the house to work in.

Working at home can be very difficult as you need to make your brain disconnect from the home environment and switch your focus to work without being distracted.

With the benefits of a conservatory home office you can reap the rewards of natural sunlight, or fit blinds if you would like to feel more cut off.

But with this space being such a transition between outdoors and in, you can create a hub of creativity and feel much more free and relaxed at the same time, improving your work productivity and your general wellbeing all at the same time.  

Take inspiration for the decor from some of London’s open plan office spaces that are located in the prestigious Shard or Gherkin. This will give you some ideas of how to decorate for the working environment when you’re faced with lots of windows.  


Don’t let your conservatory be lonely during these long winter months, this is a space that can be utilized for any need. And if you’re just thinking about a conservatory as a new addition to your home, then don’t forget to consider what you would like to gain from this space and how you’re going to use it.


If you’re looking to build a conservatory, or if you need your current one fixing, contact our friendly team today to see how we can help you enhance your home and create a space that you can enjoy.