Three ways triple glazing will improve your home

Everybody is being encouraged to improve their carbon footprint, and lead a more energy-efficient lifestyle. When it comes to making a home more efficient, cavity wall insulation and new windows are two of the most effective methods.

Regarding windows, you have three glazing choices: Single, double or triple glazing. Double glazing is by far the most popular, because it strikes a good cost-efficiency balance, while single glazing is usually reserved for period properties. Triple glazing is by far the best type of glazing though, and it has become more popular recently.

Here’s three ways that it could improve your home:

  1. Soundproofing

    Triple Glazing Bedfordshire

80 per cent of outside noise comes in through a property’s windows. Single-glazed windows are notoriously poor at keeping outside noise out because the thin, single pane of glass offers very little insulation. Double-glazed windows are better, because they have a pocket of air between the panes. But for true sound proofing, triple-glazing is best.

Triple glazing can’t be beaten for sound proofing, because it has a triple air pocket. However, one thing to keep in mind is that low-quality triple glazed windows can create an echo effect or ‘echo chamber’, which will make outside noise resonate in a strange way. We sell a wide range of quality triple glazed windows that offer outstanding soundproofing.

  1. Winter warmth

There’s a reason why cold climate countries like Sweden and Norway use triple glazing in most of their buildings. Single glazed windows are rubbish for keeping warmth in, and some older double-glazed windows are just as bad. Triple-glazed windows, meanwhile, will help your property retain heat for longer. This can help to reduce your energy bills, by reducing your dependency on your central heating system.

  1. Value and desirability

We won’t lie – triple glazing commands a premium over double glazing. But, because of that fact, your home will automatically increase in value if you go down the triple glazing route. Furthermore, triple glazing has become more desirable over the last few years. We’ve seen our enquiries for triple glazed windows increase considerably, even in period properties, although most of the installations we work on are for new builds.

It also helps that triple glazing is available in a huge range of different designs. In fact, there’s no limitation with regards to design. Bay windows, sash windows, sealed windows and bi-fold doors can be triple glazed. They can be made from aluminium, wood and uPVC, and they can be installed on any floor of a property safely.

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