Thermo Seal Technology

When you’ve been in the glazing industry as long as we have, innovations in the way we do things can mean dramatic improvements for the services we provide, as well as improving your home.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that we know about the latest technology, and apply it to our work to give you the best quality there possibly can be.

The latest in this line of exciting changes has to be the Thermo Seal Technology.

Thermo Seal Technology vs Silicone

Now we promise we’re not going to confuse you and fill your heads with jargon, instead we’re going to be completely honest about what it is, and what it really means for you.

After all, we’re not scientists but we sure know a well fitted window when we see one.

Traditionally windows are currently fitted with silicone, I’m sure some of you may recall the messy stuff that you’ve seen us carefully applying with the utmost concentration and precision.

Well, there’s a new kid on the block in the form of a simple tape that’s making silicone look pretty weak in comparison.

Don’t get us wrong, silicone has always done the job, but don’t you just love it when something even better comes along!

Completely making our silicone guns void, the tape goes on within 2 minutes, compared to the 5 – 10 minutes we spend perfecting our technique for a smooth application. Helping to cut down on this part of the process means we’ve got more time to teach you about the benefits of your new windows.

Whereas traditional silicone can’t be painted over, has minimal sound reduction qualities, lasts only up to 20 years if done correctly, and is not fire resistant. The new Thermo Seal Tape blows silicone straight out of the water.

Reducing sound pollution from that noisy street, completely air tight to reduce those energy bills even further, weather proof against a 1.000 pa hurricane, and with a life expectancy of up to 40 years, it’s no surprise we want to shout about this incredible bit of technology from the roof tops.

Who would have thought a circular roll of tape would get us so excited?

The truth is, it’s a complete game changer for the glazing industry and a huge step forward at further increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Not only does it improve your living conditions, it also takes away those age old grumbles that we’ve all had as homeowners. No more fighting with condensation and mildew, and no more drafty windows in the cold winter months.

It may seem like a rather small invention to rave about, but until you’ve experienced the ease of the application and the benefits it will bring to improving your home, you’ll be surprised at just how much power lies within. However if the fact it can withstand hurricanes won’t impress you, maybe our knowledge and expertise might. So why not call us today to see how we can help give you the most modern windows for complete home comfort.