How to Paint a Front Door

A job best done before the pending bad weather, painting your front door can be the one job that always get’s left until the last minute, but no doubt it’s been pestering you for much longer.

Whether your wanting to keep up with the neighbours or simply give your house a little facelift, painting the front door can do this in an instant and make your home feel brand new once again.

The trouble is, it always seems pretty straightforward to begin with, but there are a number of problems that can arise if you start the task unprepared.

From children not listening to you as you begin the job, to the weather simply not playing ball, if you don’t get set-up correctly from the get go it can cause more DIY drama than is necessary.

So to avoid any of these headaches and make it as pain free as possible, we’ve shared our secrets to making the gate-way to your home feel loved once again.


Lay It Down

It may seem like you’re going to have to go through a lot of effort, but unhinging the door and laying it down will make for much easier application and less drip marks in your home.

Besides, if you want a job done properly then it’s best not to do half a job.

Removing the hinges and knobs may feel inconvenient but the finish will be spectacularly different than if you attempted to paint it upright.

With the door flat you can spread the paint more quickly and avoid any blotches or air bubbles.

If you have sawhorses and lag screws available, use these so that you don’t have to find a flat surface, and then you can paint both sides.


Clean It

More effort we know!

But there’s simply no point rushing to paint your door in record time if it hasn’t been cleaned properly.

If you took a short cut and didn’t clean it at all, chances are that the dirt that’s now beneath your beautiful paint work will fall off over time, and leave your door looking uneven and patchy.

Wash the door before hand and it will ensure that the paint adheres better to the door, but double check the door is dry as a bone before adding the paint.


Set Your Foundations

Further in your efforts to have the best looking house on the street, put in the time into setting your foundations and making sure your door is ready for it’s facelift.

Scraping off any old paint that’s lifting, and filling in any holes or cracks with filler, are all steps that should definitely be taken before you even think about picking up a brush.

Although you may be considering going straight ahead and slapping on as much paint as possible, make like the professionals and add a layer of primer to your door. It will make a massive difference in the finished look and make your paint last longer so that you won’t be doing the same thing in a year’s time.


Don’t Rush

Once your door is ready for it’s update take the time to roll the paint on gently to avoid any bubbles or air pockets in the paint.

It’s advisable to use a roller rather than a brush, as it won’t leave any streaks or unsightly marks in the paint.

With an interior door it’s best to leave the paint to dry at least 48 hours before re-attaching it to the hinges, with external doors it’s best to get the job done early in the day so that it has as much time as possible to dry.


Beyond your skills

Of course if you find that your door is beyond repair or a lick of paint, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer an incredible selection of energy efficient doors that not only look great, but keep your home safe and warm as well.

With the front door being such a focal point of your property it’s important that you choose your style wisely with something that is going to be sympathetic to the design of your home.

Choosing a front door is definitely much simpler than doing any DIY, as we do it all for you.


If you’re looking to update your home with a new door this season call our knowledgeable team today who will be able to talk you through the range we have available to suit your needs.