Your guide to Document Q – and what it means for bi-fold doors

Document Q is an Approved Document within the Building Regulations. It sets out reasonable standards for doors and windows in new properties, as well as properties that are granted permission for a change in use.

Approved Document Q stipulates that windows and doors must meet the security requirements of PAS24:2012. PAS 24 sets out minimum-security requirements for windows and doors, so products either pass or fail – there is no in-between.

PAS24:2012 sets out a clear method of testing and assessment for the security performance of external doors and windows. Products must meet a minimum-security standard that prevents casual or opportunistic criminals from gaining entry to a property. Products must resist force, jarring and other means to prevent burglary.

What does Document Q mean for bi-fold doors?

Document Q is a good thing for bi-fold doors, because it ensures that products manufactured to the standards set out are secure and fit for purpose. Bi-fold doors that are made to PAS24:2012 standards will resist attacks from opportunist burglars. For instance, the glass should not shatter if force is applied, because one pane of glass must be laminated to the requirements of BS EN 356:2000 class P1A under PAS24:2012 standards.

iGlaze bi-fold doors

The bi-fold doors we supply and install are manufactured to Document Q and PAS24:2012 standards. PAS24:2012 sets out minimum standards for security, and the truth is many of the bi-fold doors we supply exceed those standard. For instance, some of the bi-fold doors that we sell have two layers of toughened and laminated safety glass. High-security hinges are used to prevent jarring and high-performance locks are always installed.

Does Document Q ensure complete protection from burglary?

While Document Q sets out reasonable security standards for doors and windows, doors and windows are still susceptible to certain attacks. Extreme force, such as that generated by a vehicle hitch, could pull doors away from a property.

However, extreme force makes lots of noise and this is something burglars hate. By installing secure bi-fold doors that are made to PAS24:2012 standards, you can deter 99 per cent of criminals from even attempting to access your property. However, if one of your doors is older, then it may not be made to the same standards and could be identified as a weak spot by a burglar. For this reason, it may be worth having your security reviewed.

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