Condensation inside double glazed windows

This is the third (and final) instalment on the subject of condensation on windows. Last week we taught you all you need to know about condensation on outside windows, and before that we explained how to get rid of condensation on the inside of your windows too. This week we’re focusing on the more controversial problem of condensation in the middle of double glazing.

The two panes of double glazed windows are designed to insulate your home from the outside elements. Much like a thermos flask, the layer of air sealed in the middle of the two panes prevents heat from the inside from moving outside, and cold from the outside from getting in. This insulation is maintained through sealing the window panes to prevent air from moving freely between the glass and the outside world. Often the panes are sealed with small silica balls between them, which capture moisture to prevent condensation from building up in the middle of the panes.

If the panes are completely air tight, your windows should stay condensation-free for five to ten years. Unfortunately the presence of condensation inside double glazed windows usually means that the seal had broken somewhere. Not only does the breakage of the seal often result in unsightly condensation that is difficult to get rid of, but it also means that your double glazing won’t be working as efficiently to keep your home warm.

What can be done to fix the problem?


The quickest and only available option until recently was to change the double glazed window pane its self. Although, there is a new service available now where the condensation is flushed out and an air value is installed. This can however take up to twelve weeks to fully resolve the issue… if it does. Many specialist tools and chemicals are required

If condensation is appearing in between the layers of glass, it may be time to call in the experts. Our window repairs service will be able to fix the problem, or alternatively offer high quality double or triple glazed windows in a wide variety of styles. Call us today on 01767 765 440.