What are Bi-Fold Doors, and how do they work?

A bi-folding door is made up of a series of glass panels that are connected to each other with door hinges. A bi-fold door can usually fit into a standard door opening, although most installations involve enlarged spaces. The glass panels themselves are fitted to the frame on runners and guides, which allow the glass panels to slide and pivot.


Bi-fold doors are available in a variety of configurations, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Not only do bi-fold doors come in standard sizes, but they can fill much larger voids, such as those left behind by walls.

Depending on the configuration, it is possible for each glass panel to move independently of the other, because the hinges act as a swing mechanism. Bi-fold doors can also include a lead or main traffic door. For example, in a 4-door configuration, 3 of the doors might fold in one direction and 1 door might open inwards and outwards.

Bi fold doors Bedfordshire

Blue Bi fold doors for the Shuttleworth air collection restaurant


Bi-fold doors are most popular in external applications, rather than internal. That is, where the doors will be used to access the outdoors. For instance, most of the bi-fold door installations we work on are for conservatories, orangeries and sky rooms.

Because of their industrial, contemporary design, bi-fold doors are popular with architects and developers. They are also a popular static wall replacement product – bi-fold doors and their frames are strong enough to support high load so they can replace entire walls if they are properly designed and installed. In addition to creating a wow factor in any home, the benefits of such an installation include improved light flow and thermal efficiency.

Installation and Cost

Bi-fold doors can be installed within an existing space (door frame) within a day. If a frame or space must be created, then the build time will be a few days. For example, if a wall must be knocked down to make way for the door, then the build time will be longer.

In terms of cost, bi-fold doors are a state-of-the-art product and therefore the old mantra that you ‘pay for what you get’ rings true. Another thing to consider is that the more glass panels you have, then the higher the cost will be. Furthermore, and perhaps most obviously of all, triple-glazed bi-fold doors cost more than double-glazed bi-fold doors.

With that in mind, you’re looking at £1,200.00 to £1,600.00 per metre for standard bi-fold doors. Of course, the final price will always vary depending on the installation.

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