The benefits of porches for modern homes

A porch is a luxury that not all homeowners have. With many new build properties, it is common for the front door to lead through to a hallway. The same rings true of most houses that are built with limited space out front, or houses with a private front garden. To increase the space of one’s home, most people will have an extension built or they will have a conservatory or orangery put in place. But porches are a good way to increase space too.

Porches Bedfordshire

  1. Increased Space

No matter where you live, you need somewhere to put your shoes and coats. Hallways are what most people make do with, but that leads to clutter and can make a home feel smaller than it really is. A porch is effectively an extension of a home that’s designed to accommodate shoes, coats and outdoor apparel. With entry space moved to a new part of a property, this frees up the access room and makes a home feel more spacious.


  1. Improved Thermal Insulation

If your front door leads through to your living room or your kitchen, opening it during the winter can cause heat to escape rapidly. This will make your home feel cold, and it will lead to higher energy bills. A porch in front of your front door under the circumstances will help to retain the heat your central heating system created. Also, Porches do not have their own central heating, so they do not cost anything to heat.


  1. Increased Security

A porch serves as an extra barrier between your home and burglars. Simply put, burglars are put off by homes with porches (so long as the rest of the home is properly secured) because getting through a two-layer front or back door is considered too time-consuming. Of course, your porch can lead through to an unlocked front or rear door, however for security reasons we recommend the front or back door remains lockable.


  1. Increased Property Value

The cost to design and build a high-quality porch starts from around £3,500. Most porches are on the small side, at 3 to 4m², so that equates to £1,100 to £1,200 per square metre which is excellent value for money. With a porch, you may be able to command a premium price for your property should you come to sell it, and especially so if the other homes in your area do not have one. Most people do see a ROI from their porch.