5 Reasons to Update your Velux Windows

If you had your Velux windows installed when they first hit the market, you may be in need of an update. As Velux certified installers, we’ve seen this glazing technology come on in leaps and bounds since they were first launched, and it’s incredible to think how far they’ve come.

First designed in 1941 the advancements that have since been brought about thanks to our modern world, means that a window isn’t just a window anymore.

Offering light where there once was none, Velux windows have enabled people to completely expand their home without the costly expense of extensions and re-builds.

With a passion for any innovation in the glazing industry, we’ve seen how this invention has helped to change the homes of many people, and make them enjoy their homes rather considering a move.

But of course Velux windows aren’t just for renovations, we’ve listed below some key reasons why you should perhaps consider updating your roof windows and how it may just help your house feel more like home once again.


Improved Insulation

Even if your old Velux window is in great condition, when it comes to insulating your home it’s no match for the modern features of the new windows that are now available.

It’s like with all things, they adapt and improve over the years, so if you’ve been shutting the door to your renovated room because it’s simply too cold to enjoy, then it’s time to take back your space with a new window that can ensure the warmth stays in, and the cold stays out.


More Daylight

You may be wondering how on earth a window can bring more daylight in than it already does, but you’d be surprised to know that the new sizes and glazing technology fitted in Velux windows, offers you so much more light enhancement than the original versions.

We all know how important light is within a home, so even if you’re updating your property for a sale, or trying to bring as much of the outside in, light improves our moods and makes our homes look much bigger than they really are.

We’re all for bringing in the light, especially when the dark days are drawing in, so updating it now could help you battle against that SAD syndrome that gets us all a little down over winter.


Better Climate

Ventilation and sun screening are essential qualities in a window to ensure that your room has a well balanced climate.

During long, hot summer days, if your room is becoming stiflingly uncomfortable to sit in, then the main cause of this will be your out of date windows.

The modern velux windows offer sun screening benefits as well as good ventilation properties that can allow your room to breath.

If your room becomes too hot it’s not only uncomfortable, but it can be a breeding ground for illness. Update them to give yourself some comfort in your own home.


More Variety

Back in the early days of the Velux invention the windows were a standard one-size fits all, but now the range on offer is beyond comparison to any other window manufacturer in Europe.

Velux were the creators of the roof window, so it’s no surprise that they’ve now grown and adapted their selection to fit a variety of requirements.

They know that not all homes are the same, and not everyone uses their space in the same way, so understanding this has enabled them to create a diverse range that offers variety in size, manual or digital, and even a variety of sun screening effects.

If your Velux windows isn’t meeting the needs of your home it’s time to consider what you really want, because there will be an option available.


It’s Easy

You may be thinking that a new Velux window is a nice idea, but you just don’t have the time.

Well you could not be more wrong. With our expertise and Velux training, a window replacement can be done in as little as 4 hours.

The technology and process behind Velux is so efficient that you’d only need a morning or an afternoon before you have a shiny new window illuminating your home.

It really is as simple as that. The truth is, it’s probably going to take you longer just to decide the style you want than it is for us to fit it, so request a brochure, pop the kettle on and start considering your options.


If we’ve persuaded you to update your Velux windows, then why not give us a call today to discuss the process and how we can help make it a smooth transition.